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Masticana Associates - Masticana’s affiliate marketing program

We are happy to tell you that you can join Bturkish family and start earning money with us. Now you can apply to become a member. With a 3% to 15% promotion codes start marketing our products to your customers. Once we receive their orders you can get your commission. We provide flexible withdrawing methods. Win win today .

Sign up

Now you can fill your details in the form and become a member of Bturkish family.

Get Promotion Code

Once we receive your application we will review it and reply to you by your promotion code.

Start Earning

After receiving your code you can start marketing and once your customers buy through your code you will get paid.

Frequently Asked Questions

How will i start?

After you register in the form above and you fill all your informations, you will recieve your pormotion code and you will be able to log in to your dashboard.

How will i know if someone use my code?

Once your clients buy from using your coupon, you will recieve a mail and also you can login to your dashboard and see all sales happened using your coupon.

How will i promote?

You can spread your copun code to your clients in social media channels or any other contact way between you and them. once they buy using your copun you will start to earn.

How will i withdraw my money?

The commessions you earn you will be able to withdraw them after 10 work days of your customer’s order delivery. for any futher questions you can contact us and we will be always supporting for your needs.

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