Almond Butter Plain

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Almond Butter Plain 220 gr

almonds, sea salt



As you know, we set out to offer you all the flavors of almonds. So far, we have brought many different healthy almond products to your tables with pride and love. With our constantly renewed technological infrastructure, we are now adding another almond product to our almond product range, known abroad as Almond Butter, prepared with 100% almonds. Today, we are happy to be able to bring you the 100% local and long-lasting version of Almond Butter, namely Almond Butter.

Healthy, which you can store at room temperature for 1 year; You can consume this product, which does not contain any additives other than salt, as it is, or by adding your favorite jam on it, or you can enjoy it in your sweet and salty recipes.

It is a completely natural product. Does not contain preservatives and additives…

Nutritional Values for 100g
Energy (kcal / kj) 602.4
Project (g) 15.7
Fat (g) 53.90
Carbs (g) 23.7
The values ​​given in the energy and nutritional values ​​table are the average values.
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Almond Butter Plain

Almond Butter Plain

21.00$23.00$ (-9%)

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