Almond Flour (Organic & gluten-free)

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Almond Flour 300 GR.

almond flour; It is a delicious and nutritious flour alternative for people who cannot consume gluten-containing foods such as oats, wheat, barley and/or people who are sensitive to gluten.
It also stands out as a sought-after ingredient in pastries, as it is a much tastier and healthier option than white flour in cakes, cakes and pastries.
People who are sensitive to gluten can consume pastries made from almond flour with peace of mind. You can follow delicious gluten-free recipes that you can create with almond flour on our blog.





peeled almond kernels

Almond flour is rich in vitamin E and other antioxidants, which help reduce the risk of serious health conditions like cancer, diabetes, stroke, and heart disease. It’s also an excellent source of: Manganese. Magnesium

Almond flour, also known as almond meal, is a protein-rich flour that’s often used in gluten-free and Paleo diet cooking. You can make your own by grinding blanched sweet almonds in a food processor, or buy it at the health food store. Because almond meal is rich in calories, use it in moderation.

  1. Pancakes. For a subtle nutty flavor, substitute almond flour for one-quarter of the flour—whatever type you’re using—in your pancakes.
  2. Scones. To boost the protein in your scones, swap one-quarter of the flour for almond meal. Or, make these deliciously crumbly almond scones that are lightened with a bit of arrowroot flour.
  3. Breading. Use almond flour in place of bread crumbs or flour to make a crust for fish or chicken tenders. For a crunchier, gluten-free coating, use chopped almonds instead of very finely ground ones.
  4. Meatballs and meat loaf. Substitute almond flour for any bread used in your favorite recipes.
  5. Pasta. Add protein to your fresh pasta by swapping one-third of the flour for almond meal.
  6. Biscuits. Make pleasantly crumbly, buttery drop biscuits.
  7. Gluten-free cookies. Use almond flour to make chewy-crisp cookies, like these simple honey-tahini ones. Or make crunchy, protein-rich biscotti.
  8. Macarons. With nothing more than sugar, almond flour and egg whites, you can create the cookies for French macarons. Now all you need is a filling! And maybe some food coloring.
  9. Almond cake. With just as few ingredients in a different ratio, you can make a cake, like this almond-honey cake from F&W Digital Award Winner Anja Schwerin. Or try this lemony version.
  10. Brownies. Use almond flour to make incredibly fudgy brownies.


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Almond Flour (Organic & gluten-free)

23.00$26.00$ (-12%)

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