Carob Extract Chocolate (Organic & Sugar free)

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Carob Extract Chocolate 350 gr

carob extract, dark chocolate 6%, cocoa, lemon juice, vanilla

The most important feature of carob extract is that it contains 3 times as much calcium as milk. Thus, it offers a valuable alternative for vegans who do not consume animal products or people who are allergic to cow’s milk to get the calcium they need.



You can consume our Carob extract, which we sweeten with dark chocolate, or you can consume it on its own; You can use it as a delicious sauce on cakes, cakes, ice cream and pancakes. It will also be great for flavoring herbal milks or smoothies.

Kechiko carob extracts, unboiled; It is obtained by evaporating excess water under vacuum, at low temperature, and does not contain added sugar.

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Carob Extract Chocolate

Carob Extract Chocolate (Organic & Sugar free)

20.00$25.00$ (-20%)

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