Carob Flour (Organic & gluten-free)

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Carob Flour 200 gr


carob fruit

Carob Flour is a healthy alternative to sugar and cocoa. It is a valuable food because it contains 3 times as much calcium as cow’s milk. Rich in vitamins and minerals; Carob Flour, which is a low-fat plant flour, is used as an alternative to cocoa and sugar in all pastries or to flavor your milk.



Carob contains fiber. These compounds might cause weight loss, reduce blood sugar and insulin levels, and lower cholesterol levels

Ways to use carob

Try these ways to add carob powder to your diet:

  • add carob powder to smoothies
  • sprinkle carob powder on yogurt or ice cream
  • add carob powder to your favorite bread dough or pancake batter
  • make a hot carob drink instead of hot chocolate
  • make creamy carob pudding
  • replace candy bars with carob bars made of carob powder and almond milk
  • make carob brownies
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Carob Flour (Organic & gluten-free)

Carob Flour (Organic & gluten-free)

10.00$15.00$ (-33%)

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