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Datça Pine Honey 300 gr

Pine honey, which is the most typical honey of Marmaris-Datça region, is not from nectar collected from flowers, unlike other honeys; It is a type of secretory honey obtained by bees by processing the resins formed on pine trees.
Pine honey, which is darker in color and consistency than flower honey, carries the aroma of the pine-dominated vegetation of the region to your palate. Marmaris-Datça is known as the region where the most pine honey is produced in the world. Pine honey, produced in summer, is one of the most typical flavors of the region.


Pine Honey Benefits:

1) Heals Wounds and Pimples
  • Pine honey has a moisture retention feature. With this aspect, it keeps the skin moist and renews the cells.
  • By maintaining the body’s pH balance Pine honey heals skin wounds in a short time.
  • If you have wounds or inflammations on your skin, you can get rid of these conditions thanks to the minerals in pine honey.
  • Undercover You can eliminate acne breakouts by applying very little pine honey on it.
  • Meet the moisture need of the skin with pine honey!

2) Protects the Stomach and Intestines

  • Do not be afraid of the acids contained in pine honey. These acids keeping stomach acids in balance
  • You can remove the pause and slowdown in the intestines with pine honey.
  • Pine honey consumed regularly and in moderation, cleansing the intestines It also supports the regulation of digestive activities.
  • To have a happy gut, consuming a teaspoon of pine honey every morning will be a good step for your health.

3) Strengthens Hair

  • If your hair has started to dry and fall out in the last few days; Do not be too late to try hair masks with pine honey.
  • The most important of the benefits of pine honey for hair It adds moisture to the hair. Hair that gains moisture begins to grow in a healthier way.
  • You can overcome all hair problems due to drying and shedding thanks to pine honey.
  • hair mask If you add pine honey while preparing it, you can add vitality to the hair roots.
  • If you want to apply a hair mask with pine honey, you should try the mask every week.

4) Gives Energy to the Body

  • Honey types meet the energy needs of the body. Pine honey is among these honeys.
  • Keeping the body resistance high and more active You can start consuming pine honey in the morning to move.
  • You can get rid of all your tiredness with the energy that pine honey will give to your body.
  • Stress and malaise due to fatigue it will disappear now!
  • Morning for a day when you will need energy 1 glass of drinking water1 teaspoon of pine honey You can add it to drink.

5) Balances Blood Pressure

  • When pine honey is consumed in moderation by blood pressure patients, it will show the ability to balance blood pressure.
  • a balanced blood pressure Your days will be more peaceful with
  • Blood pressure patients will feel better thanks to the benefits of pine honey.

6) Good for Anemia

  • pine honey supports the development of red blood cells should also be noted.
  • If you have anemia problem, we can say that you have a reason to consume pine honey.
  • By consuming pine honey regularly, you can increase your blood values ​​to healthy figures.
  • Thanks to pine honey curing anemia and related diseases You can also destroy it.
  • People with anemia experience hair loss and fatigue. All of them will be mixed with the past with pine honey.



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Datça Pine Honey

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