Dried Figs with Olive Oil

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Dried Figs with Olive Oil 250 GR

All of our products;  We are pleased to present it to you with the difference of MASTICANA , by  taking it from our producers who produce natural, healthy, organic, additive-free and preservative-free, which we supply from the  MOST HAPPY, MOST REGIONAL regions of Turkey.


Dried Figs with Olive Oil

Dried Figs with Olive Oil, which is widely used in the Aegean region, is known as the formula of Ibn Sina. This wonderful flavor, sought by those who care about their health as Olive Oil Dried Fig Cure, is usually consumed on an empty stomach in the morning for its health benefits.

The secret of this product, which is made by combining Aydın figs with natural Manisa olive oil, explains the quality of the materials coming from the region. Organic Aydın figs that grow naturally in the mountains are collected, dried, and natural olive oil from the Manisa region, which is pressed with traditional methods, is brought together. The flavors of the two ingredients penetrate each other and turn into a magnificent dessert.

Organic Dried Figs with Olive Oil, which is consumed for its digestive regulating, protecting teeth and bone health, soothing cough in colds, lowering cholesterol, strengthening memory, aiding weight loss and reproduction, is also in demand by those who want vitality.

You are invited to the “true taste” of Dried Figs with Olive Oil, which presents nature’s two gifts to our health in its healthiest form.

Dried Figs with Olive Oil;

* It is a storehouse of potassium, calcium and iron minerals.

* It is healthy, natural and additive-free.

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Dried Figs with Olive Oil

19.00$30.00$ (-37%)

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