Dried Mango (No Sugar Added)

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Dried Mango (No Sugar Added) 250 GR
Product description

There is no extra sugar in dried mango.

It is one of the dried fruits that we make from the smoothest golden colored mangoes with high taste from tropical fruits.

Its color is clear and it does not contain extra sugar, colorant.

It is a good option as a snack.


Our sugar-free dried mangoes have been dried by a low-temperature freeze-drying method below 60 degrees Celsius and without any added sugar or chemical preservatives. They still retain their sweet, slightly sour taste as well as flavor.

In addition to being convenient to eat at any time of the day, they are also very healthy because they contain a lot of calcium, which is very good for your body, especially pregnant women. These dried mangoes are great for everyone in the family – from babies to pregnant moms!

In addition, since no preservative chemicals are added to soften or stay fresh longer than necessary, this product can be stored at room temperature as long as we are careful not to let it get wet or damaged. open to let air in.

Dried mango is a healthy snack that can help provide essential nutrients, including vitamins A and E, and fiber. Our dried mangoes are easy to pack and carry for lunch or a snack. They also taste great when mixed with cereal or yogurt.

No added salt No
added sugars
No sweeteners No
preservatives No
colorants No
irradiation No
No lactose

Compatible Recipes
Snacks It can be used in recipes such as
Cold tea .

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Dried Mango (No Sugar Added)

Dried Mango (No Sugar Added)

20.00$25.00$ (-20%)

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