Grape Seeds 100 gr.


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Grape, which has many different varieties and is frequently preferred for its flavor and medicinal content, is a unique fruit to the Mediterranean and Central Asian regions. Its seeds are as valuable as the fruit.

These dry grape seeds can be used in yoghurt, milk, honey, etc. This product doesn’t include any additives.

Grape seeds have countless benefits. Here are some of them;

  • Grape seed accelerates blood circulation. That’s why it prevents coagulation and balances blood pressure. The flavonoids in the grape seed strengthen the blood vessels. It is also effective in lowering bad cholesterol.
  • Grape seed helps the body get rid of toxic substances. It ensures that the body is purified from excess drugs and other harmful substances, especially during periods of regular drug use.
  • The flavonoids found in the grape seed protect the elastin tissues by increasing the collagen production rate in the skin. Thus, they prevent premature aging, prevent wrinkles and sagging, and make the skin firm and elastic. Since it has a cell regenerative effect, it also helps the skin to look much more lively.
  • Another feature of grape seed is known to be good for inflammation and infection. With these properties, it can be used in the treatment of diseases such as calcification, eczema, skin problems, sinusitis, colitis, gastritis, urinary tract infection, as well as helping to clean the intestines.
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Grape Seeds 100 gr.