Lavender Honey

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Lavender Honey 280 GR

This fragrant lavender honey, obtained by sustainable beekeeping from the lavender-covered heights of the Inner Southern Aegean, stands out with its unique scent and aromatic properties. It is produced by honeybees in a short time when lavender flowers bloom in June. When the lavenders are finished blooming, the product is taken from the hive to prevent other flower nectars from mixing with this honey. Thus, it is ensured that lavender honey has the characteristics of single flower honey, that is, monoflora honey.

Since Lavender Honey is a type of flower honey with a high pollen content, it can take a creamy consistency after a certain period of time. When this happens, consuming your honey in cream form without heating it will provide you with a more enjoyable and healthier honey experience.


Lavender Honey Health Benefits
Lavender Honey has been used historically to treat many human ailments either through ingestion or topical application. Lavender Honey has been used as a home remedy for ailments from athlete’s foot to arthritis pain. Lavender Honey is often used as a first aid treatment for cuts and burns. Lavender Honey has anti-microbial qualities that inhibits bacteria growth and helps to keep wounds clean and deters infection. Lavender Honey also acts as an anti-inflammatory to help reduce swelling. Lavender Honey has been found to be a natural cough suppressant, and for sore throats, Lavender Honey helps to stop bacterial growth. Lavender Honey is also a wonderful natural source of energy, as it contains 17 grams of carbohydrates per tablespoon. Since the human body uses carbohydrates as its main source of fuel for energy, Lavender Honey is the perfect choice when an extra jolt of energy is needed.

It is important not to forget that while honey is prized for its many uses by humans, honey bees also pollinate food-producing plants throughout the world, making honey bees one of the most economically important insects in the world.

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Lavender Honey

21.00$25.00$ (-16%)

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