Natural Fermented Pomegranate Vinegar (organic)

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Natural Fermented Pomegranate Vinegar 250 ml

Ingredients: pomegranate

Our pomegranate vinegar, which we obtain by processing the vitamin and mineral store, sweet and sweet Datça pomegranates in season, has been rested for a full 6 months, has a soft flavor and is now ready to meet you.

You can add flavor to your salads and sauces with pomegranate vinegar; By mixing a tablespoon of pomegranate vinegar with warm water, you can drink it every morning on an empty stomach, thus helping the good bacteria in your gut to multiply. This ritual accelerates your metabolism and allows you to open the doors of a healthy life.

Another usage area of ​​pomegranate vinegar is personal care. When applied directly to the skin as a tonic with the help of a cotton ball, it both reduces sunspots and gives the skin a bright appearance; It also helps delay the effects of aging.

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Natural Fermented Pomegranate Vinegar (organic)

Natural Fermented Pomegranate Vinegar (organic)

15.00$20.00$ (-25%)

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