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Pomegranate, which is one of the fruits consumed with love with its excellent smell, taste, and color, is a very healing fruit for the human body. Today, pomegranate fruit is used in different ways such as pomegranate juice, pomegranate syrup, pomegranate oil, and pomegranate tea.

Turkey is famous for pomegranate tea which is one of the most beneficial herbal tea varieties for the human body due to its raw material, pomegranate fruit.

What are the benefits of Pomegranate Tea?

  • Pomegranate tea, which is a powerful source of antioxidants, when consumed regularly, stops the formation and development of harmful cells in the body and supports the body to be healthier. In other words, we can support our body’s fight against diseases by making the immune system stronger with pomegranate tea.
  • It helps you lose weight by providing long-term satiety. Pomegranate tea also speeds up the fat burning of your body.
  • Known to be a source of vitamins and minerals, pomegranate tea also provides the amount of energy your body needs throughout the day. You can start the day energetically with a cup of pomegranate tea at breakfast.
  • It is also effective in balancing blood pressure thanks to its content. When your blood pressure rises, drinking a cup of pomegranate tea will cause your blood pressure to stabilize.
  • Pomegranate tea, which enables the destruction of dead cells in the body, will ensure that your body is rejuvenated and vigorous if consumed regularly.
  • Pomegranate tea, which supports the perfect functioning of the kidneys, is also a good diuretic.
  • It will reduce the stress level in your body and make you feel better when you consume it regularly.
  • It is a strong source of vitamin C and effective in reducing the symptoms of diseases such as colds, flu, etc.

How to brew Pomegranate Tea?

It is recommended to brew for 5 minutes by adding 180 ml of water at 100 ° C to 1-2 teaspoons of tea. You can then strain and drink. (You can adjust the brewing amount and duration according to your own taste).

HAFIZ MUSTAFA POMEGRANATE TEA INGREDIENTS: Pomegranate seeds(% 57), hibiscus peel, pomegranate peel, clove, cinnamon peel, rose petals, pomegranate flavoring.

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Hafız Mustafa Pomegranate Tea 75 gr.