Sun Dried Apricot (No Sugar Added)

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Our Sun dried apricot is carefully selected of the first quality , which are a strong source of vitamins and antioxidants. Our Dried Apricots are without chemical treatment and without sugar.

It does not contain preservatives and additives. It has been dried in the sun using natural methods. Our dried apricot is jumbo, organic. It is more moist and chewy .

We bring the unique sundried apricot, which you can safely present to your family and loved ones, to your door.


Benefits of Sun Dried Apricot

  • In the regulation of the digestive system,
  • In relieving constipation,
  • in heart health,
  • in eye health,
  • In providing the feeling of satiety,
  • Supporting weight loss diets,
  • In the elimination of anemia,
  • In supporting the immune system,
  • muscle development,
  • in bone health,
  • In the regulation of cholesterol,
  • It is effective in skin and hair health.


Country of origin: Turkey


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500 gr, 250 gr

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Sun Dried Apricot

Sun Dried Apricot (No Sugar Added)

12.00$23.00$ (-25%)

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